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14 thoughts on “Dr. Caufield’s Book

  1. Chapter One of GENERAL WALKER solidly establishes the relationship between Guy Banister and Lee Harvey Oswald. WALKER contains nearly 4,000 endnotes where reader can find the documentation for the 11 witnesses who saw Banister with Oswald. As importantly, Border Patrol Agent Wendel Roache told the Church Committee during their limited investigation of the assassination., that as a part of his duties monitoring the Cubans in New Orleans in 1963 that he saw Oswald and David Ferrie go in and out of Banister’s office on a daily basis. With the Banister-Oswald relationship cemented in chapters 1, 2, 3, the book further describes Banister’s relationship with General Walker and Joe Milteer, that heretofore have never been established in any other assassination work. The question for the forum is: If Banister and Walker were close, and Banister and Oswald were close, why did Oswald try to kill Walker as the WC determined? Solving this riddle, as the book does, is paramount to understanding the JFK conspiracy. As, important is the fact that Banister and Milteer knew each other. The ramifications of Banister’s relationship to Milteer (who knew of the JFK murder plot in advance and was in Dallas to watch it) is profound. More on the Milteer story later.

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  2. Good afternoon, Dr. Caulfield

    Your exemplary research leaves no doubt whatsoever that what the general public back in 1963 were told about the wrongly accused, Mr. Oswald, was merely a scripted cover story. Your book, General Walker And The Murder of President Kennedy, unravels the layers of falsehood, and challenges the reader to re-examine this case using their with critical-thinking skills —-> http://jeffreycaufield.com/

    Mr. Oswald, for a lone gunman–with suspected communist sympathies, always rubbed shoulders with some ultra-conservative, right-wing figures with each page turn. Thanks for doing your part to help set the record straight about a lone gunman with a satchel full of magical-bullets (please excuse the eye-roll Warren Commission apologists). Looking forward to you sharing more in depth about Joseph Militeer.


  3. My interest in Guy Banister deepened in 1994 when I traveled to New Orleans to obtain Jim Garrison’s original DA of NO files from his widow, with a group of researchers. Garrison had died two years earlier and his wife was preparing to move from their home. It was good time for her to allow us to copy the several large boxes of documents, many in their original District Attorney or New Orleans jackets. As I studied these, it was striking how little of this information was disclosed elsewhere, not even in Garrison’s accounts. What was clear is that Banister was an ardent racist and was a member of a number of far-right groups including the John Birch Society, Citizens’ Council and Klan, to name a few. Since General Walker belonged to these same groups and he and Banister shared many of the same friends (HL Hunt, Willie Rainach, Leander Perez and others), it seemed likely they knew each other. I set out to try and document the relationship. I met with William Turner, the former FBI man and Garrison investigator, and he told me that Banister and Walker were tight. Next I interviewed Joe Oster who served with Banister in the New Orleans Police later becoming his partner in Guy Banister and Associates. Oster also told me be that Banister was close to Walker. I interview Paul Rothermel, a former FBI agent and HL Hunt’s security chief, outside of Dallas in 1999 and he told me that Banister did security work for Hunt’s oil wells adjacent to New Orleans. He confirmed Banister and Walker were close. The first written account of the Banister-Walker relationship came when I discovered a document from Baton Rouge Police Detective Joe Cooper who witnessed Walker and Banister together at a segregation meeting in Baton Rouge September 1963. The icing on the cake was when I discovered a document from the Louisiana State Police that showed that Walker met with close Banister associates, Leander Perez, Kent Courtney, and Joe Neubrough who was employed by Banister in the building at 544 Camp Street in New Orleans, just days before the murder. The relationship between Banister and Walker is rock solid. (Not to overwhelm the reader, Jack Ruby alluded to Walker’s involvement in the assassination in his WC testimony. According to a close David Ferrie associate, Ferrie told him, as he did Garrison, that Walker was involved in the murder.) So it again raises the question: Why did Oswald, who was close to Banister try and kill General Walker, who was also a close associate of Guy Banister? This is a topic for discussion in this forum for now. i do not want to get too far a field! Banister and Walker’s relation to Joe Milteer, who had inside knowledge of the assassination beforehand and was in Dealey Plaza to witness the killing will be taken up later.

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  4. Talk about birds of a feather flocking together!!!!! This irrefutable evidence rather easily debunks any notion that the wrongly accused, Mr. Oswald, was a red commie loon with a score to settle with President Kennedy on Cuba or Russia’s behalf. Cannot say enough about the late Jim Garrison (RIP), nor your timely visit with his widow to secure his vast amount of due diligence in connecting the dots to the real arses, err, donkeys in this case.

    Your questions are certainly thought-provoking, Dr. Caulfield, but building upon your extensive research and those of quite a few others, it’s becoming crystal clear that Mr. Oswald did not shoot at General Walker as the general public has been lead to believe, nor do I– or anyone else for that matter sir–believe for one minute that Joseph Militeer made a wild lucky guess before the events in Dallas that President Kennedy would be felled by someone shooting from a building, and that a patsy would soon take the fall. Didn’t the FBI have him on tape boasting of such a scenario weeks in advance of President Kennedy’s untimely death?

    Again, truth, light & justice owes you, and a great deal of other exemplary researchers in this case a debt of gratitude for caring to set the record straight. The late DA, Jim Garrison, from way down there in New Orleans would be very proud. H5


  5. Guy Banister met General Walker through Kent Courtney, also from New Orleans. By the late 1950s Courtney had risen to the national ranks of the radical right in the John Birch Society and Citizens Council. Courtney and Banister spoke together at public rallies in New Orleans beginning in 1957, railing against Communism and integration. In 1961 Major General Walker assumed command of the 24th Army Infantry in Germany. Shortly after, he began to indoctrinate his troops in John Birch-type ideology in violation of the Hatch Act. Although this received little attention stateside, Kent Courtney was fully aware of Walker’s predicament. In the Spring of 1961 Courtney flew to the Walker ranch in Texas to confer with Walker’s mother and brother. Courtney wanted them to get the permission from General Walker to fly to Germany, along with General Willoughby, to offer Walker a paid position as a figurehead for the national far right. Not long after that, President Kennedy relieved Walker of his command and the vendetta began. In October 1961, Walker left Germany and returned home meeting with Courtney in New York City. Thereafter, Walker was a frequent visit to New Orleans. Since Oswald was close to Guy Banister and Banister was close to Walker, it is far from likely that Oswald actually intended to shoot and kill Walker as the WC determined. A chapter is devoted to the Walker shooting in the book. After my book in was published 2015 I learned that Gayle Nix Jackson interviewed the two sons of General Walker’s top aide, Robert Surrey. A few years ago Surrey’s son was talking to his neighbor, a JFK buff, and told him that as a young boy he was present when Oswald, Surrey and Walker practiced rifle shooting. Surrey’s other son told of a similar experience. The neighbor tried to interest a few nationally recognized assassination writers in the story but none were interested since Walker and Surrey (a Nazi as it turns out) did not figure in there written views of the assassination. The Surrey brothers had nothing to gain by telling their story nor did they have any idea of its significance. As the book shows, the Walker shooting incident was a hoax and the account of the Surreys further confirms it. Immediately after shooting happened on April 21,1963, Walker announced the shooting was the work of a Communist . At the same time Kent Courtney telephoned Walker purportedly to voice his concern.

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  6. WOW! @ the telling info shared by the Surrey’s. Imagine that, Oswald, Walker and Surrey rubbing shoulders together like peas in the same pod. Of course, this relationship was hidden from public view/consumption. Appreciate your exemplary research.

    Tipping my hat towards you and the grand-daughter of Mr. Nix (Orville, RIP), who filmed President Kennedy’s motorcade on the opposite side of Elm Street that fateful day at the same time as Abraham Zapruder, filming from his advantage point. Certainly wish her success with her lawsuit to secure her grandfather’s historic film. Given Mr. Nix’s vantage point and what he captures on his film, officialdom quickly confiscated it. Better to insult the intelligence of the general public with Zapruder’s tampered film than let the full content of Nix’s film ever see the light of day.

    There are times when I feel President Kennedy was unfairly subject to major events unfolding during his presidency (the Civil Rights movement comes to mind, and, of course, the Military-Industrial-Complex’s come hell or high-water demands for deeper involvement in Vietnam). Talk about being between a Rock and a Hard Place.

    No matter what this decent man, President Kennedy, stood for, the likes of staunch Birchers like Surrey, Bannister, General Walker, etc., not to mention the warmongering war-hawks over at the Pentagon–perceived him unfairly on the issues of integration/Civil Rights and the Communist threat. Contrary to their caveman thinking President Kennedy wasn’t a red commie sympathizer. He was a principled man of peace, fairness and justice.

    Just curious, Dr. Caufield, Does your book make any mention of either Averill Harriman or C. Douglas Dillon?


  7. The names Averill Harriman or C. Douglas Dillon I remember from my youth but they are not mentioned in the book.
    I want to be sure to mention that Kent Courtney was working with Oswald as wereBanister and Walker. Dr. Michael Kurtz published the account of Oswald and Courtney being seen at least six times together in the prestigious Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association in 1980. Oswald’s mother even accused Courtney of working with her son. Both accounts are described in detail in the book. This of course should come as no surprise since so many people saw Oswald with Courtney’s close associate Guy Banister.

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    1. This exemplary research debunks the notion that the wrongly accused harbored even remote feelings of animosity towards General Walker. Like the rest of the contrived “evidence” to finger Mr. Oswald the Walker shooting was staged/scripted to implicate him later for the shootings in Dealey Plaza and over at 10th & Patton. Thank goodness the truth is emerging in spite of the gross miscarriage of justice for decades now.


  8. There is an important lesson we can take away from the phony Walker shooting incident. In all of Oswald’ public stunts, his presumed adversary is really his ally, playing for the same team. In the Walker shooting that team is the Banister-Courtney operation. This applies to other phony stunts of Oswald’s, inluding the Oswald-Bringuier fight. In August 1963 while Oswald was picketing on Canal Street for the pro-Communist Fair Play for Cuba Committee, anti-Castro Cuban, Carlos Bringuier and Oswald got into a fight and both were arrested. Oswald’s purported adversary was really an ally and, of course was acquaitned Guy Banister. Bringuier had worked with Banister in anti-Castro affairs at the infamous building at 544 Camp Street. Moreover, when Bringuier was bailed out of jail, he went to Kent Courtney to get legal help. Thus, Bringuier and Oswald, were playing for the same team – the Banister Courtney operation.

    Still another example is the Oswald-Butler radio debate. Oswald debated the radical right-winger and Bircher Ed Butler and admitted he was a Marxist. But Butler was not, in reality, Oswald’s adversary, but again he was a close associate of Guy Banister, as was Oswald, and a habitué of his office at 544 Camp. Again Oswald and Butler were playing for the same team.

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  9. You are an absolute credit to your chosen profession, Medical Doctor, Dr. Caulfield. Your sharp dissecting of the horse manure cover story, unraveling its layers of deception, and exposing the hocus-pocus antics of the major players, sheds new light on what the general public was lead to believe as oppose the truth/reality. Mr. Oswald was not a red commie sympathizer, but an actor from the same studio with a cast of characters working towards the same end(s).

    As your keen research has borne out Mr. Oswald, at best–was simply following the orders of his well placed intelligence handlers, and–at worse, a gullible patriot simply going about his patriotic “duty” as he understood it, never realizing he was a lamb being lured to the slaughter house (Dealey Plaza). Amazing what some people (Bannister, Courtney, etc, al will do for thirty pieces of silver (lying treasonous cowards, shooting an unarmed representative of the people, and then placing the blame upon an innocent party).

    To your knowledge, Dr. Caulfield, Who was a higher rank in the FBI hierarchy down in New Orleans, Guy Bannister or Warren de Brueys? In your opinion, Was De Brueys in charge, upon Hoover’s orders from Washington, DC, to sanitize all official documents linking Mr. Oswald to any roles he had with the Bureau?


  10. Of course, I have always felt Warren de Brueys was dirty in all of this, but that is something difficult to prove. Two of Banister’s former employees, Joseph Oster and Mary Brengel told me that Hoover and Banister spoke on the phone regularly up to the murder. And of course, Banister had been head of the third largest FBI office in Chicago. Hoover had high regard for Banister. So from that stand point Banister was by far the most influential. In the WC documents there is but one mention of Banister. Upon learning that one of Oswald’s pamphlets from the Canal Street leafleting (and phony Bringuier fight) was stamped with the address 544 Camp Street. a.k.a the Newman Building, the FBI sent and agent – not de Brueys – to the building at 544 Camp. In the FBI memo of their interview with Banister, consisting of around 3-4 sentences, Banister denied ever seeing Oswald there. Today’s FBI would have immediately sealed off and searched the Newman building. Had they done so, they might have found Oswald’s FPCC literature and signs in the upstair office where Del Roberts Jr. saw them or his FPCC placards in the downstairs office of Guy Banister. Of course, if Banister had not purged his files they may have told the whole story of the assassination. In my book, I give two clear examples of an FBI coverup: the Milteer affair, and Sylvia Odio incident. That evidence, in both instances would have completely destroyed the WC’s conclusions, but the FBI deliberately concealed them from the WC, until the WC had closed up shop and they were not deliberated upon. Some have said the radical right could not have been involved, because they did not have the means to cover it up. To the contrary, the FBI, and this means Hoover, did in fact cover up critical evidence of a radial right conspiracy and the evidence for that is in the book in spades. Hoover was not only close to Banister, he was also close to HL Hunt an ally, and fellow leader in the Minutemen organization with General Walker. By far the most incriminating was the MIlteer evidence. That FBI delivered the voluminous Milteer file to the FBI after September 1964 when the WC Report was going to press. Never looked at, they sent it over to the National Archives. It seems the HSCA, who led a terrible investigation, never looked at it either. The relationship between these three men, Banister, Walker and Milteer will be discussed next since it is compelling evidence of a radical right-wing conspiracy in the murder of JFK.

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  11. Yes, the HSCA led a less than stellar investigation, Dr. Caufiled, pretending to care to address the matter wholeheartedly, while hedging their bets on more critical, telling evidence. Even going so far as offering immunity in more than a few instances to people with vital information, only to have portions of their full testimonies sealed away through 2029.

    As far as Hoover and Bannister are concerned, they are in on the cover up up to their foreheads. No one wanted to pursue an open and full investigation, that alone is very telling. Moreover, you are on the right track with Militeer (he knew way too much well in advance to have simply made a wild guess about a rifle, a tall building and within hours a patsy would be picked up).

    Looking forward to your in depth sharing of the big three @ Banister, Walker and Milteer. Bring on more revelations, Dr. Caufiled, hat tip sir.


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