Our Mission Statement: JFK Act–an educational & literary non-profit organization– is committed to advancing open, respectful & responsible political discourse upon the national landscape, while educating candidates & citizens alike about the importance of running issue oriented campaigns, with a focus upon actually addressing legitimate issues facing  citizens in a timely manner.

qualified board members ready to serve as organizational champions.

Non-Profit Formation —-> (April 2019-November 2020)

Meet the Team:

*Non-Profit Executive Director: S/he has vast experience with financial management, grant writing and grant management. S/he is responsible for the overall management and operation of the organization. S/he must manage financial assets while ensuring compliance with all applicable requirements. S/he must have the skills to effectively communicate, manage employees, work with a board of directors and publicly represent the agency.

*Grant-Writer: S/he is familiar with writing grant proposals for a non-profit organization whose primary activities are literary or educational. Familiarity with registering a non-profit as a 501c organization is ideal. A degree in Communication and/or Marketing is a plus.

*Non-Profit Management Consultant: In addition to consultant services, S/he must also have familiarity with non-partisan Voter Registration Drives and Voter Education training (an informed voter is a smart voter). Our non-profit does not endorse candidates or promote/endorse any political party.  Contact: VoterEdu@jfkact.org

ConsultantAmy EisensteinLeadership

*Photo credit Amy Eisenstein

*Nationwide Grassroots-Campaign Manager: S/he is responsible for hiring smart, talented and passionate people to run grass-roots campaign offices across the United States, Overseeing each respective State’s recruiting, training and management of a team of activist committed to sharing President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s visionary leadership principles during the 2020 Election cycle, which include but are not limited to running issue oriented campaigns in the best interest of the citizens; and, refraining from personal attacks upon their opponent(s).

Modern office webdesign mockup

*Fundraising Director: S/he is responsible for developing/implementing fundraising principles & strategies, mobilizing donors to a worthy cause. A degree in Communication and/or Marketing is a plus.

Contact: info@jfkact.org


*Photo Credits: GoogleImages/BingImages/Getty Images/joangarry.com/

Form 1023 EZ




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